Welcome Collective member! We're so excited for you to join us! This is a page you can refer to if you have any questions about procedures, payments, shooting guides, etc. Please read through this carefully. We are happy to have you!

Important Reminders...

  • We invited you to the Bohemia Collective because we think you have a lot of great talent, and you're an all-around awesome person! Keep in mind that on a Bohemia shoot, you are a representative of the Bohemia brand, and we count on your awesomeness shining through on each and every booking.
  • We have built our brand on providing the most amazing customer service to our clients! Our goal is to treat our clients like they are our best friends on every single shoot! When you can quickly build trust, and friendship with your client, you will get the best photos and leave them very happy. Remember, you get a $25usd bonus for every 5 star review you get and a high-five from us!
  • The majority of our business comes from Canada and the US, so most of our clients will be expecting an experience that Canadians and the US value: being on time, great communication, friendly, and professional. 
  • Please have no one else on the shoot with you who is not connected to Bohemia. The customer expects you and the Bohemia second shooter (for weddings), and we don't want to create awkwardness by having unknown people there - so leave the kids, spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends at home! Also, often times the client will be paying a resort vendor fee for a specific amount of people that day.
  • Feel free to accept tips, you earned it - but never ask for tips. 

Before The Shoot

  • When the client contacts us we will immediately send our pricing information to them. If they would like to book a Bohemia Collective member, you'll receive an email that looks like this with the client information on it:
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.07.42 PM.png
  • The first TWO Photographers to email us back with the word "Yes" will have a chance to shoot the wedding! Every wedding will have TWO Photographers. The Third and Fourth responses will be the first to call as an emergency back-up, but they are free to keep their calendars open for their own work.
  • Once the client books, you will be notified ASAP. The first person who responded "Yes" will get the title, 'Lead Photographer' and a $25 bonus for responding fast! The second person that responded will have the title, 'Second Shooter'. Both photographers will be equals and share duties.
  • When the client has booked with you, please book them on your personal calendar immediately and do NOT book anything else that day! This is the most important day of their life so it is imperative that you show up!
  •  After the client has booked, the Photographers will be CC'd on all client emails so you are in the loop!
  • For weddings, we will have the client fill out a questionnaire with all the fun and need-to-know details about their big day! The questionnaire will be sent to you, so you know everything about your clients.
  • We will create a wedding day itinerary that works best for the client and for the sunlight that day. We will forward that itinerary to the wedding coordinators, so they are fully aware of the timeline. You will receive the timeline in advance, with your time to arrive, leave and everything in between.
  • We will contact the wedding coordinator before you arrive to ensure you are on the guest list and have access to the event venue/resort.
  • For weddings over 6 hours, you will be provided a meal by the clients. Please let us know in advance if you have special requests and we will pass that along to the client (vegetarian, kosher, etc.) <No guarantee of custom meal>
  • If you are traveling to an island (Cozumel, Isla Mujeres) we will give you an extra $30 for travel costs included with your shoot payment after your photos are uploaded.
  • You will receive an email with the bride and groom's room number and/or getting ready location, and the name their room is reserved under. You will need their NAME and ROOM NUMBER to get into the resort!
  • Research the resort online to get an idea of shoot locations and what it looks like if you haven't been there yet.
  • Feel free to connect or meet with your fellow shooter to go over details and the game plan!
  • The day before the shoot, it is very important to note the following things:
    • Make sure your lenses are calibrated and getting sharp focus!
    • Make sure your lenses and sensor are clean!
    • Make sure your cameras are all working properly.
    • Make sure ALL of your DSLR camera batteries are charged, and you have charged back-up batteries!
    • Make sure your flash batteries are charged and you have A LOT of back-ups!
    • Check your memory cards and make sure the last shoot you did, is on your computer and backed up to an external hard drive. Then format your memory cards IN CAMERA from your last shoot so they are cleared and ready.
    • Make sure your camera is set to shoot in RAW and your time and date is correct in camera.
    • Put your ID/Passport in your camera bag so you can check-in to the event venue/resort.
    • Make sure you have gas in your car and you know how long it will take to arrive to the event venue/resort.
    • Re-read the client questionnaire/emails to remember any special details about their day. 
    • Know the itinerary for the shoot and put it on your phone for easy access on the wedding day.
    • It is required that you check-in with us the day before your shoot via text, phone call or email.

During - On The Day Of The Shoot

  • Remember to eat a good breakfast or lunch, drink a lot of water and stretch!
  • Leave early in case of any traffic accidents or bad weather, you cannot be late!
  • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT- Please arrive to the lobby of the resort 1 HOUR (or more) before you start shooting! The check-in lines can be long (or the receptionists slow), and you CANNOT be late to the shooting start time. The client paid for a specific number of hours and are on a strict itinerary! If you are checked-in quickly, use the extra time to relax, scout photo locations, or go the bride and groom's room early to say hello and drop off your bags then leave again until the start time. 
  • Please send us a text to let us know you have both arrived to the resort/venue (for weddings only).
  • Make sure your cameras are all timed (time/date/am/pm) exactly the same as eachother's. This is so we can put all the photos in the correct order later. If you forget before the shoot, take a photo at the same time (or close) with all your cameras during or right after the shoot.
  • Both Photographers will arrive to the bride's room, say hello to everyone and introduce yourselves! Then, confirm the location of the groom and split off. One Photographer will stay with the bride, one Photographer will go with the groom. (Generally males go with the groom).
  • Remember to SLOW DOWN. Take a deep breath if you get nervous or frustrated and keep smiling. Never let the clients see you sweat!
  • Feel free to bring a "Shot List" and check the most important shots off either mentally or physically. It's better to check-off a list, than to forget something important.
  • Remember to watch the time, and make sure your bride and groom are sticking with the planned itinerary.
  • When your time is up for the day, remember to tell your clients goodbye and that you are leaving! 
  • Remember to get your passports or IDs from the front desk/lobby.

After The Shoot

  • Guard & Protect Memory Cards on your way home! Do not let your camera bags out of your sight and keep them close!
  • When you get back to your home/office - You must upload all images from the memory cards onto your COMPUTER and EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. Hide your external hard drive in safe place.
  • Remember to check your memory cards for extra folders it may have created that have more images from the wedding. 
  • You have 10 days starting the day after the shoot to cull the images (choose the best photos) in Lightroom, Basic Edit Those Photos (correct exposure, highlights/shadows, straighten horizons, add contrast, luminance and remove chromatic aberration) and upload the high-resolution jpegs to DropBox via the Dropbox link sent to your email.
  • Feel free to contact us ANYTIME with questions. We're happy to help!
  • You will get paid via Paypal once ALL Edited Images have been uploaded. 

See image number and payment information:

(a) 60 Minute Non-Wedding Assignment (1 Photographer): $225USD (Include 50 Minimum Basic Edited Photos)
(b) 3 Hour Wedding Assignment (2 Photographers): $300USD EACH (Each Photographer To Provide 80 Minimum Basic Edited Photos)
(c)  5 Hour Wedding Assignment (2 Photographers): $500USD EACH (Each Photographer To Provide 275 Minimum Basic Edited Photos)
(d)  7 Hour Wedding Assignment (2 Photographers): $700USD EACH (Each Photographer To Provide 360 Minimum Basic Edited Photos)
(e)  9 Hour Wedding Assignment (2 Photographers): $900USD EACH (Each Photographer To Provide 460 Minimum Basic Edited Photos)

See Video Instructions Below: