Tips and Advice for Destination Weddings

Arrive at your destination at least 2 days prior to your wedding. This gives you an extra day to figure things out if your flight is cancelled.

Do research on the resort's vendor fees for bringing in professionals! The prices can vary wildly from resort to resort.

Don't check your dress. Most airlines will let you bring your dress as a carry-on, but it's recommended to call your airline ahead of time.

Wear your rings on the plane, or have one of your guests wear them. Those are not worth losing over tradition!

Your resort wedding planner may take a long time to reply to your emails. Rest assured, this is normal and you'll be ok.

Ask your resort before booking if they're planning construction during your wedding date. You don't want your wedding backdrop to be a construction site (and the noise that comes with it!)

Have your resort remove the wrist bands from the bride and groom, families and wedding party on your wedding day.

Do not get married before 3 PM, if you can help it. The sun is intense here, not only melting your guests but leaving you raccoon-eyed in photos too. Mid-day beach sun is not flattering. 

Consider a "First Look". This allows time for couple's photos, and time to enjoy your cocktail hour with guests.

Do not wear sunscreen or mineral make-up on your face on your wedding day. This will cause the light to reflect back into the camera, causing you to look ghost faced in photos!

Speaking of sunscreen… DO wear it before you wedding! Tan lines and wedding dresses don't mix. (Sunglasses tans too, guys!)

Have an itinerary prepared for your wedding. Being organized keeps your day running smoothly and you and your guests won't feel confused as to what to do or where to go! A disorganized wedding day is stressful to you, your guests and your vendors!

Have your make-up done in natural light. This one goes without saying, right? And please consider a make-up professional, just as you're considering a photography professional. Nobody wants a make-up disaster on their face for the big day (including your photographer!).

Determine the best season for your wedding. It is the tropics, and could rain at any given moment - but you're more likely to have a rainy wedding in September or October, than you are April or May. July and August are blazing hot, but it's also the low season which means you could find better deals and pay less.

Have pictures of your hair and make-up ready to give your hair stylists and make-up artists. We've had one too many brides not like their hair when using a Spanish speaking resort hair stylist because communication was lacking!

Drink lots of water and remember to eat on your wedding day! This tropical heat and humidity can be dangerous if you're not well taken care of.

More tips to come... as we think of them!